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  • celery resale
  • "celery" is a for-profit designer and high-end ladies resale boutique. We accept new and like-new clothing and accessories on an item-by-item basis depending on label, style, season, condition, desirability, resale value and needs of the store. Clothing and accessories are being left at "celery" for the purpose of resale and at the owner's risk. While reasonable care is always taken of your articles, "celery" will not be responsible for damage, theft or loss. "celery" determines all prices. Consignor agrees not to sell, consign, give, or trade with any employee or customer of "celery."
  • It is the consignor's responsibility to present all items in excellent condition. Clothing must be clean, pressed and on hangers, gently or never worn, no stains, pulls, holes, pills, missing buttons, pet hair, mothball, smoke or other odors. However, if after initial acceptance by "celery" we find any previously undetected issues which render your item(s) unsuitable for resale, such items will be donated. Items deemed suitable but in need of cleaning or repair may be done at the consignor's expense.
  • Our consignment period is ninety (90) days; However, if "celery" determines a longer period may be necessary to obtain the best price for your items, we may keep them for longer periods, or we may hold them until the appropriate season. All items are subject to fifteen (15) percent markdown within the first 30 days, then additional markdowns will be taken up to the end of the consignment period.
  • Consignors receive forty (40) percent of the selling price. Any item that sells for over $300.00, the consignor will receive fifty (50) percent. Sales close at the end of each month, and if your consignment account balance totals $21.00 or more, a check will be mailed on or before the 15th of the following month. A nominal processing fee of $1.50 will be deducted from each check. Accounts with balances under $21.00 may be paid out in cash in the shop during normal business hours. Account balances of any amount may be applied toward any purchase in the store. This agreement expires six (6) months following your last consignment or contact with us, and any inventory or account balances will be forfeited to the store.
  • Due to non-compliance with our previous "Return to Consignor" policy, we no longer return consigned items. If special arrangements are made at the time of consignment for higher-end and designer articles, and in agreement with "celery," you may pick up those unsold articles after the 90-day consignment period. It becomes solely your responsibility to call us with your intention to pick up. We will then notify you when those items are ready, and you will be given 10 days from that time to claim your articles. After that 10-day period, your items will be deemed forfeited and/or donated. At the end of the consignment period, your old items are donated to local charities such as Memphis Family Shelter, Grace House, DeNeuville Learning Center, Catholic Charities, Promise Development and other charitable organizations.
  • By agreeing to these terms and conditions, signing the contract agreement and placing items for sale at "celery," you guarantee "celery" that all items consigned are lawfully and entirely owned by you and/or you are acting on behalf of a person(s) who has given you the authority to sell items on their behalf. You guarantee to indemnify "celery" for any damages, penalties, fines, fees or judgments for any issue arising due to the rights of the lawful owner of the merchandise being placed on consignment.
  • I have read and understand this agreement.
  • Thank you for your business!
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